General Information

1. Travel Information:

South Africa: Valid passport – No Visa required. All of our hunting areas are malaria free, please consult with your doctor about prophylaxis if you have any concerns.

2. Flight information:

Travel can be arranged through us; visit the checklist for the most current and up to date information. Your final flight destination is Johannesburg to Polokwane.

3. Climate:

Summer temperatures: SeptemberApril (50-90F)
This is also our rainy season.”

Winter temperatures: MayAugust (35-70F)

4. Permits / Licenses:

No permits are required for the majority of the animals.
CITES permits required for leopard, elephant, lion and hippopotamus.
CITES permits to be acquired by the client before departure from the USA. A copy of the permit must be brought with you. Any additional permits needed will be arranged by Africa Sport Hunting Safaris.
Chris Lordan Safaris, will arrange for any additional permits, if required.

5. Firearms and Calibers:

Plains Game we recommend 30 caliber and bigger. For South Africa Big Five (buffalo, rhino, elephant, lion, leopard): A legal minimum of .375 caliber. Plains game: .30 .375 caliber. A goodquality variable power telescope in the 3–9 x40 class will suffice for most hunting conditions.

6. Ammunition:

* For plains game hunting a minimum of 40 softnosed bullets are recommended.
* For Buffalo, Rhino and Elephant a minimum of 40 full metal jacket/solids are recommended in addition to softpoint bullets.
* For Lion and Leopard: Softnosed bullets are recommended.
* The importation of semi–automatic rifles, shotguns and any two rifles of the same caliber are not permitted. One soft gun case per rifle is a legal requirement for travelingbetween the hunting concessions.
* Take note of the New South African Firearm importation regulations.

7. Trophy Handling:

All animals will be skinned by our very experienced skinners, as well as marked, salted and dried prior to being sent to a taxidermist . All documentation and other arrangementswill be handled by Chris Lordan Safaris.

8. Clothing and other Requirements:

Three sets of hunting clothes: long pants (Zip off’s), longsleeve shirts and underwear. Hunting boots/shoescomfortable, Casual/running shoes, Sweater/warm jacket, Flip flops/sweat suit, Cap/widebrimmed hat, and Casual clothes. Adjust your clothing according to the time of the year that your hunt will take place.

9. Personal:

Personal medical kit; make sure to include any prescriptions and medication, sunblock SPF 30 or higher, mosquito repellent, pair of sunglasses and toiletries.

10. Additional Equipment:

Small day pack, Flashlight with spare batteries, Binoculars, Camera with film(If not digital) with batteries, Pocketknife.

11. Accommodation:

Luxury Thatched Chalets with a true African ambience.

* Private rooms.
* Running hot and cold water.
* Electricity with converters.
* Flush Toilets.

12. Food And Beverages:

Traditional South African cuisine. For dietary requirements such as diabetes and high cholesterol, please make arrangements on booking the safaris.

13. Additional Services:

* Spa treatments
* Day excursions
* Horse back riding
* Tours / photographic safaris